The OSRead team is creating an access-anywhere educational research platform. Our aim is to concurrently enhance and study educational interventions for students considered "at-risk" for learning disabilities. The application incorporates web-app deployment, Drupal Application development, age-specific curriculum related to literacy. The OSRead team is multidisciplinary, bringing together researchers from the UW ILabs and UW CSE departments (Taskar Center for Accessible Technology). For more information, including a demo of OSRead, check this video.

Getting Involved

We are particularly interested in recruiting students that are studying or have expertise in education, data science, web application building, citizen-science, and learning interventions. Students in education, computer science (interest in mobile applications, big data science, gaming and data visualization are a big plus), human centered design, mobile apps, informatics, communications, and public relations should apply.

The OSRead team is currently looking for students to contribute to the following activities:

  • Web app development
  • Drupal application development
  • Audio and Sound signal processing
  • Machine learning-based modeling (for speech analysis in particular)
  • User experience and user interface development
  • Communications and publicity

OSRead team members typically commit 3-7 hours per week if registered for 1 credit and 7-12 hours per week if registered for 2 credits. Opportunities for inclusion in publications will likely arise for those committing to 3 or more quarters. 

Students interested in joining VIP should follow the instructions on the Joining page.


If you are interested in getting involved with OSRead, please reach out to the faculty advisor, Anat Caspi.