DAWGMA is building new strains of microorganisms to perform new and useful tasks. DAWGMA is sponsored by the Klavins Lab and uses Aquarium, a programmable, semi-automated molecular biology workflow that uses cutting edge techniques and instrumentation, instead of traditional lab work. Additional information can be found that the DAWGMA Facebook page.

Getting Involved

The DAWGMA team is looking for students with an interest in synthetic biology and a desire to learn. DAWGMA is open to all class standings and majors, including pre-majors. The synthetic biology research performed by DAWGMA is relevant to many disciplines, including but not limited to Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biology and Chemistry.

Much of DAWGMA’s research is focused on experimentation with creating novel yeast strains. DAWGMA’s current research theme is diagnostics, in which yeast is being designed to sense contaminants like heavy metals, BPA, and hormones. As part of this research, DAWGMA team members host meetings, give presentations, and contribute to the synthetic biology training program.

DAWGMA expects students to commit at least six hours per week for at least two quarters. DAWGMA has created a training program, Get Schooled, which consists of a set of tutorials and guides for on-boarding new members. DAWGMA’s Get Schooled training program is designed for individuals with an interest in synthetic biology, regardless of prior knowledge or experience. 

Students interested in joining VIP should follow the instructions on the Joining page.


Questions regarding DAWGMA can be directed to the DAWGMA student lead, Hieu Ngoc Do.