The overarching goal of 3DNAMES (3D Nano-Additive Manufacturing of Engineered Structures) is to design and to develop materials and structures with unprecedented properties. The team leverages 3D laser lithography with sub-micron resolution to unlock the properties of materials at the nanoscale and to manufacture ultra-strong and tough lattices.

The 3DNAMES team is multidisciplinary and is open to any student interesting in designing materials with exotic properties. 3DNAMES is especially interested in recruiting students that are studying or have expertise in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, material science, electrical engineering, computer science.

3DNAMES is currently looking for students to contribute to the following activities:

  • Mechanical design
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Development of optimization algorithms
  • Microscale electro-mechanical testing

3DNAMES typically expects students to commit 3 hours per week for each credit hour registered. We introduce new team members the basics of laser lithography, finite element simulation and optimization.

3DNAMES has a process for on boarding new team members that spans three quarters. Through this on boarding process, new members learn relevant processes, tools and equipment, enabling them to start and manage their own projects. New members will get the most out of their 3DNAMES experience by participating for at least three quarters.