About VIP

Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) is a program that fosters hands-on, project-based learning for undergraduate students. Students within VIP earn academic credit while working on long-term design/discovery projects as part of student-teams supported by graduate students and faculty members. Students can participate in VIP for up to four years, during which time they are both mentees and mentors on multidisciplinary teams. The VIP program is an international organization, consisting of a consortium of 16 universities. The UW joined the VIP Consortium in 2015. VIP is led out of the Georgia Institute of Technology, and details regarding the history and scope of VIP can be found at the Georgia Institute of Technology VIP page

Joining VIP

VIP is open to freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students who are seeking a challenging, hands-on design/discovery experience. Students must apply to participate in VIP and register for the applicable VIP courses, if admitted (see Joining page for details).


Team-specific questions should be directed to the contacts on the applicable team page (see Teams page). General questions should be directed to info@vip.uw.edu.